Infrastructure and Software.

Price Per Head Bets Software Solutions.

At the core of success of any service center is its technology. Price Per Head Bets’ state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar infrastructure includes:

  • Redundant Internet Service Providers with fiber optic, copper and satellite gateways
  • Redundant VOIP phone systems
  • Web server farm with 30 servers
  • Dell database clustering architecture
  • Redundant electrical backup generator systems

These features allow us to have an average uptime of over 99% for the last seven years straight!

Security and Reliability.

We have accumulated many dissatisfied agents from other pay-per-head shops because those establishments were simply unable to provide stable connectivity during critical times. Imagine your system going down on a football weekend right before kickoff! Every bookie knows that cannot happen, PERIOD!

While many other companies try to get off on the cheap, we continue to spend on the latest and greatest technology and staff. If you’ve ever experienced unscheduled downtime with your current company due to server issues or want to avoid it in your future business, call PPH BETS now and get started with the most reliable pay per head company in the industry. Our 10-year track record is impeccable!

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