What is price per head? Price per head is a new business model for sports betting bookmakers. The Internet has revolutionized the way many industries work and the gambling industry is no exception. Price Per Head is the name that has been given to this revolution. In the past, sports bookies had a huge amount of issues to stay on top of in order to effectively run their business and stay ahead of the competition. While a modern bookie still has plenty to worry about, the amount of topics now is only a fraction of what it used to be. Some of the issues an old-school bookie had to deal with were:

  • Acquiring Customers
  • Setting Lines
  • Checking for Sharks
  • Answering Calls
  • Writing Tickets
  • Keeping a bucket of water next to the tickets (just in case)
  • Keeping track of wagers, wins, losses and other accounting
  • Collecting Money

With a pay per head model, a local bookmaker can forget about setting lines, checking for sharks, answering calls, writing tickets, safeguarding the tickets and keeping track of wagers and accounting. ALL OF THESE ISSUES ARE NOW A THING OF THE PAST.

Today, all of these headaches are now taken care of by pay per head shops like PPHBETS.COM All a per-head bookie agent will have to do now is expand his customer base and collect the money. PPH Bets will collect a nominal fee per player per week to take care of all the rest.

The great advantage the PPH agent business model represents is the centralization of technology and services as well as the limitation of legislative risk. Since price per head service companies are located in offshore legislations where online gaming and sports betting are legal and regulated, computers servers and other infrastructure can develop without restraints of legal concerns and our customers benefit greatly by this added layer of security.

Furthermore, by having services and infrastructure centralized, the possibility to create larger-scale developments is opened up, which in turn allows for more stable and robust systems. Very few independent bookmakers can afford the multi-million dollar investment required to set up an offshore operations base. But, now, for only a few dollars a month per player any bookmaker -big or small- can enjoy and profit from the latest cutting edge technology in this rapidly expanding and evolving market.

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